Meet the cast of Netflix’s brilliant new Korean zombie movie ‘#Alive’ which is available for you to watch from September 8 around the world.

From Kingdom to Train to Busan, there are some absolutely fantastic Korean zombie titles out there to sink your teeth into.

The latest addition to the genre is #Alive, a Netflix movie about a gamer who is forced to survive the apocalypse in his small apartment whilst the world crumbles around him.

#Alive may have a superb storyline and great visuals, but what truly makes this a great movie is the performances from the cast.

#Alive cast…

  • Yoo Ah-in as Oh Joon-woo
  • Park Shin-hye as Kim Yoo-bin
  • Lee Hyun-wook as Lee Sang-chul
  • Oh Hye-won as the policewoman
  • Jeon Bae-soo as a masked man
  • Lee Chae-kyung as the masked man’s wife

Yoo Ah-in as Oh Joon-woo

  • Uhm Hong-sik, professionally known as Yoo Ah-in, is a popular South Korean actor, director and gallerist who is known for playing a diverse range of roles for both television and cinema.

Fans may recognise Yoo from his leading roles in Punch (2011) as Do Wan-deuk, Secret Love Affair (2014) as Lee Sun-jae, Veteran (2015) as Jo Tae-oh, The Throne (2015) as Crown Prince Sado and Six Flying Dragons (2015-16) as Yi Bang-won.

Le Bal des Folles (The Mad Women’s Ball) | Official Trailer

The 33-year-old has also appeared in Sharp (2004-5), Default (2018), Burning (2018), Thread of Lies (2014), Fashion King (2012) and Jang Ok-jung Living by Love (2013).

Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Yoo has won countless awards for his performances, including the Next Generation Award at the 2016 Asian Film Awards, Best Actor at the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards and Best Leading Actor at the 2015 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Interestingly, Yoo was also the first Asian actor to be the global model for Diesel and ranked second on the 2016 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list. You can follow him on Instagram @hongsick.

Photo by THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

Park Shin-hye as Kim Yoo-bin

  • Park Shin-hye is a South Korean actress and singer who is widely considered as one of the most prolific actresses of her age.

She is best known for her roles in Tree of Heaven (2006) as Hana, You’re Beautiful (2009) as Go Mi-nam, The Heirs (2013) as Cha Eun-sang, Pinocchio (2014-15) as Choi In-ha, The Doctors (2016) as Dr. Yoo Hye-jung and Memories of the Alhambra (2018-19) as Jung Hee-joo.

The 30-year-old has also appeared in Heart Blackened (2017), The Royal Tailor (2014), My Cute Guys (2013), Heartstrings (2011) and Stairway to Heaven (2003).

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Away from her work in front of the camera, Park is also a popular singer with hit singles Perfect (2015) with SALTNPAPER, My Dear (2014) and Arm Pillow (2014).

Park is also one of the most in-demand endorsers of her time, being the first Korean ambassador for Austrian jewellery brand Swarovski and British jewellery brand Olivia Burton.

You can follow her on Instagram @ssinz7.