Asda has become the talk of Twitter after releasing a new advert bringing back not only the ‘pocket pat’ but also the “Asda price” slogan.

Asda is one of UK’s most popular supermarket chains and it’s known for the low prices it offers. The pocket pat demonstrates the savings you can make at the supermarket.

Years ago, the marketing team came up with the slogan ‘Asda price’ and the ‘pocket pat’. The ‘pocket pat’ has been Asda’s thing since 1977. And, now, a brand new 2020 advert is bringing it all back. 

You can watch the ad below…

What is the 2020 Asda advert?

The advert aims to promote the £100 million investment to lower prices, supporting Asda’s customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s time to bring Asda price back to the people,” dad Sunny says in the ad.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone is a fan of Sunny’s words.

Who is Sunny? Is he an actor?

In a press statement released by Asda on their corporate website, the supermarket chain say that the family on-screen is a “real family”.

Asda say that the family consists of dad Sunny, mum Amy and their three children pretending to shoot a commercial, shopping at Asda and saving coins along the way.

The statement reads: “The new ad campaign features an updated Asda Price jingle and pocket tap for our times. It also stars a real-life Asda family – Sunny, his wife Amy and their three kids, who share their optimistic spirit and resourceful approach to making the most of every moment, all made possible through Asda’s great prices and affordable products.”

Some fans had also been speculating that Sunny was played by actor Nathan Bryon (Jamie Bennett in Some Girls and Joey Ellis in Benidorm).

However, HITC can confirm that the lead male is not called Sunny but is an actor and DJ named Muzz Khan.

Muzz is from Burnley, Lancashire, and has made brief appearances in TV series such as Year of the Rabbit, Black Mirror and Galavant.

The actor confirmed that he starred in the advert on Instagram adding that his wife and children were also on camera. While his name was changed from Muzz to Sunny, Asda did keep their words on providing a “real-life family” for their 2020 ad.

Twitter reacts to Asda’s ad

The reaction on Twitter was frankly not the best.

People are nominating the Asda 2020 advert as the most annoying advert of the year and dad Sunny the most annoying actor in an advert.

Some are saying that they are muting it and that they cannot wait for it to be over, others are saying that it’s cringy and that it bugs them everytime it pops on screen.

This pandemic has made people painfully honest, what can we say…

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