Hidden in the Warrens in Wasteland 3, DJ RIP waits with a rare item, the Sonic Emitter, which can be yours – if you manage to answer a very simple contest giveaway question.

While DJ RIP’s contest, a reference to the 1984 film Ghostbusters, is easy to get right, there’s an element of uncertainty to the question because of Wasteland 3’s often sarcastic sense of humour.

This being the case, here’s how to win DJ RIP’s contest giveaway and secure the Sonic Emitter for yourself.

How to win DJ RIP’s contest giveaway in Wasteland 3

Find DJ RIP in Wasteland 3 a little beyond the pig pens in The Warrens – you’ll need Lockpicking 8 to get to him. He’ll be thrilled to see you, and ask if you’re there for the giveaway contest. If you answer “Yes”, you’ll earn a point of reputation with the Monster Army.

When prompted, you can also tell him that you’re a member of the Rangers to increase your fame.

Then, DJ RIP will ask you a Believe it or Not question about a giant marshmallow attacking New York City in the ’80s. Select “Not” to receive the Sonic Emitter.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that “Believe It” might be the correct answer to DJ RIP’s question – after all, Wasteland 3 is known for its odd humour, and knowledge of the time before society crumbled isn’t always accurate.

What does the Sonic Emitter do?

The Sonic Emitter is a Utility-based weapon which requires a 6 in Weird Science, and can stun foes. Equipping it does have some drawbacks, as it reduces your Action Points and Max Action Points by one apiece.

If the Sonic Emitter isn’t for you, it has a cash value of $500, so even if you won’t be making use of it, you can still sell it for a tidy profit.

DJ RIP’s contest might not be particularly challenging, but it does come with a neat reward for any Wasteland 3 player who knows that Ghostbusters isn’t real – no matter what might be showing up in the DJ’s nightmares!

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