Wanna know how to get the celebrity look-alike filter on Snapchat? Read on for a wealth of tips and tricks!

Finding out your celebrity look-alike is a game almost as old as celebrities themselves – and that’s a pretty long time. Now with social media added to the mix, the game is more complex and customisable than ever before.

The celebrity look-alike filter, aka “shapeshifting”, is all over social media platforms: Instagram has plenty of Kardashian look alike filters, TikTok ‘shapeshifting’ videos are exploding in popularity and now Snapchat has joined the game.

How to get the celebrity look alike filter on Snapchat

  • Before heading to the Snapchat app, take screenshots of a few of your favourite celebrities so that you have them in your photo gallery.
  • After that, open the Snapchat app and click on the smiley face towards the bottom centre of the screen.
  • Some classic filters of Snapchat will show up.
  • Then, swipe up to find more filters.
  • On the top of the screen you will find the ‘search’ bar.
  • Search for the word ‘shapeshifter’ and click on it. 
  • When you access the filter, photos from your gallery will appear.
  • Click on the celebrity picture that you think you’ll match with.
  • Then, press the circle to take a picture or a video using the filter and find out your celebrity look alike.
  • Now, for the next 48 hours, when opening the Snapchat app and clicking on the smiley face, the classic filters will show up as usual, but so will the ‘shapeshifter’. 

Friendly recommendation: Prank your loved-ones using this filter. Have a good laugh together over it.

Have fun playing around – but please remember that it’s a game and not a measure of your beauty or worth. Okay? Okay. Have fun!

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