The Marvel’s Avengers game has just launched for everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it has debuted at number one in the UK by beating both Tony Hawk and NBA. The game has a surprisingly fantastic campaign in-spite-of its average multiplayer and exhausting daily challenges, but a lot of people are unable to continue thanks to an infinite loading screen bug. To help you finish the excellent story, here you’ll discover how to fix the Marvel’s Avengers game is stuck on loading screen dilemma.

Although the Square Enix published title has only just launched with a campaign that doesn’t last as long as most, you should know that the game will be supported for many years post-launch with numerous DLC characters and battle passes. Kate Bishop will be the first free DLC add-on followed by Hawkeye sometime in November, and then – judging by leaks – we should see better characters such as She-Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther.

But, before any DLC characters are added, below you’ll discover how to possibly fix the Marvel’s Avengers game is stuck on loading screen issue.

Marvel’s Avengers: Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers: Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers game is not loading

Lots of people are reporting an issue where the Marvel’s Avengers game is stuck and not loading.

Crystal Dynamics are aware of the Marvel’s Avengers game not loading dilemma, and they have shared a fix on Reddit which has worked for some.

Instead of trying to access the campaign through normal means, you want to instead access it via the War Table in Initiative.

Accessing the campaign via Avengers Initiative is said to have worked for people, but it’s admittedly not the best solution in the world as it does come with spoilers.

If you don’t want to have the story spoiled for you, another fix Crystal Dynamics have shared is having a mate send you a strike team invite before you even launch the Avengers game.

Once you connect, it’s said that you should be able to leave the strike team and continue the story.

If none of the above solutions work, the only other possible thing you can do is fill out a ticket to customer support.

However, know that Crystal Dynamics are working on a permanent fix for the Marvel’s Avengers game not loading bug.

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