The author of The Venture Bros art book has claimed on Twitter that the hit series has been cancelled, but what does that mean for the in-production season 8?

It’s quite incredible to think that The Venture Bros started back in 2004 and would still be making headlines in 2020.

However, the headlines today do not bode well for the future of The Venture Bros, with the author of the official art book delivering some devastating news on Twitter regarding a possible cancellation.

Has The Venture Bros been cancelled?

  • The Venture Bros has not been officially cancelled, but Ken Plume, friend of the creators and author of the artbook, recently claimed that the series has been axed.

The series was renewed for an eighth season back in 2018, but we haven’t had any information since then about when the series would return. Now, the author of The Venture Bros art book, Ken Plume, has claimed on Twitter that the series has been axed.

Plume responded with “The Venture Bros.” to a fan question about “Shows that were unnecessarily cancelled.” He would then answer follow up questions from confused fans in a later tweet saying: “I have no further comment.”

As many fans have pointed out, not only is Plume an author of canon material but is friends with both Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the creators and writers of the show…so if anyone should know, it’s him.

However, fans should note that none of this information has not been officially confirmed by either Jackson or Doc, nor Adult Swim.

Will season 8 still be produced?

  • At the time of writing, we have no information as to whether season 8 of The Venture Bros will still be produced.

The news from Ken Plume that The Venture Bros has been cancelled, if correct, poses a question about the in-production season 8.

On one hand, this could mean that the eighth season itself has been cancelled and will therefore never make it to broadcast on Adult Swim.

However, as the creators have had nearly two years to work on the eighth instalment, there may already be episodes ready to premiere and this news is referring to the show post-season 8.

When will The Venture Bros season 8 premiere?

  • An official release date for The Venture Bros season 8 has not been revealed, with fans now worried that it will never air.

Fans of the show are used to lengthy hiatus’ between seasons, but this makes predicting a release window extremely difficult – especially with the recent news of a potential cancellation.

If season 8 is still set to be produced, I can’t see it premiering this calendar year. However, it’s arguably more realistic to imagine that a reveal trailer for season 8 will be released within the next few months – even as a teaser that will clear up the recent news.

We will bring you more information on the future of The Venture Bros as soon as anything is officially confirmed.

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