The release date for Crunchyroll’s latest original series, Noblesse, has just been revealed and it’s going to be a big month for anime.

Between Tower of God, In/Spectre and The God of High School, Crunchyroll is single-handedly saving summer 2020.

The streaming platform has just released a trailer for their upcoming original series, Noblesse, but what date will it release?

Noblesse release date…

  • The first episode of the Noblesse anime series will be released on Wednesday, October 7th on Crunchyroll.

The official reveal trailer confirmed an October 2020 release, but a more accurate release date was just revealed to be the 5th in Japan and the 7th for international audiences.

This means the anime will play a central role in Crunchyroll’s autumn slate – which currently includes Ex-Arm, High Guardian Spice and Fly Me to the Moon.

What is the Noblesse anime about?

  • Noblesse is about a man called Raizel, a nobleman who awakens after 820 years of sleep who has to stop a secret society.

The official synopsis reads: “Raizel awakens from his 820-year slumber. He holds the special title of Noblesse, a pure-blooded Noble and protector of all other Nobles. In an attempt to protect Raizel, his servant Frankenstein enrolls him at Ye Ran High School, where Raizel learns the simple and quotidian routines of the human world through his classmates.

However, the Union, a secret society plotting to take over the world, dispatches modified humans and gradually encroaches on Raizel’s life, causing him to wield his mighty power to protect those around him…

After 820 years of intrigue, the secrets behind his slumber are finally revealed, and Raizel’s absolute protection as the Noblesse begins!”

Noblesse voice actor cast…

At the time of writing, five characters from the series have been cast.

  • Tarusuke Shingaki as Cadis Etrama di Raizel
  • Daisuke Hirakawa as Frankenstein
  • Kousuke Onishi as M-21
  • Ryota Iwasaki as Tashiro Yasuke
  • Yohei Hamada as Kase Manabu

Reaction to the first teaser trailer…

  • Understandably, the reaction to the news that Noblesse would be adapted into an anime was fantastic.

A lot of people have been waiting for this news for years, but there are a few who are concerned that a quickly-adapted series could be disappointing for hardcore fans.

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