The magic battle royale game, Spellbreak, is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games store. It’s free to play which has resulted in plenty of people giving it a gander, and – after the very first match – most people are asking: does Spellbreak have bots? This appears to be because everyone is winning their very first match.

As previously mentioned, Spellbreak is another battle royale game but with an onus on magic rather than guns. It features crossplay and cross-progression at launch which the developers want to become the norm, and the game will be a lot more fun when Solos and Duos are unlocked.

While Solos and Duos will unlock in the near future, below you’ll discover if Spellbreak has bots.

Does Spellbreak have bots?

It is believed that Spellbreak does have bots for your very first match.

According to the game’s community, your very first match in Spellbreak is entirely bots which would explain why everyone is proclaiming to have won their first match with ridiculous ease.

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There are dozens of posts all over Reddit, and they each proclaim that the more you play the more you will be pitted against actual players.

It’s suggested that the AI is utilised in the very first match to introduce newcomers to the game and its mechanics so they don’t feel overpowered, completely lost, and thus turned off.

There appears to still be bots in the game even after your very first match, but it’s been said by a few users on Reddit that you start entering full players lobbies by level 6.

Judging by the community, the first match is entirely bots, and then the number begins to recede the more you play and the better you get.

Although it can dampen some people’s enthusiasm, the apparent usage of AI shouldn’t be overly surprising as plenty of multiplayer and battle royale games have used bots.

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