Spellbreak has launched as a free to play battle royale game with an onus on magic rather than guns, but the state of its launch has resulted in people asking: why is Solos and Duos locked. The developers have now posted an FAQ on Reddit where they have explained why the modes are unplayable. They have also provided a date for when Solos will be unlocked.

The developers have reiterated that the aforementioned modes are currently unplayable because they want to ensure the game’s servers are stable. Squads is all that can be played at the moment and during the weekend, but hopefully that will change shortly afterwards.

While Duos and it’s individual counterpart are currently locked, players should be able to play Solos on September 7th. This is when the team are planning to unlock Solos, but only if the servers remain stable during the weekend.

As for Duos, no date has been provided but the developers have said they’ll “likely wait a similar amount of time”.

This suggests Duos could be unlocked on September 7th, but – again – no date has been provided and it’s probably unlikely.

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Spellbreak is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games store, and it’s another Battle Royale game but with magic rather than guns. There are plenty of people who have been anticipating this game, but there are also those who are simply giving it a gander thanks to it being free-to-play. And, whether excited or purely seeing what the game is about, everyone is asking: why is Solos and Duos locked?

Crossplay and cross-progression are included in Spellbreak at launch. This means that you can play with mates on other systems, which is an always fantastic feature and something the developers want to become the norm in all multiplayer games.

While crossplay and cross-progression are both fantastic implements, Squads is all that can be played at the moment as both Solos and Duos are locked.

Why is Solos locked in Spellbreak?

Solos is locked in Spellbreak at launch.

Duos and Solos are locked in Spellbreak at launch because the developers want a smooth release.

This official explanation was provided on Reddit in response to a fan’s query as to why. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the modes will become playable.

It’s said that Solos and Duos will be added “very soon,” but that’s a vague promise which could happen this weekend or next week (Update: Solos is planned to be playable on September 7th).

Spellbreak Squads

Squads is all that can be played in Spellbreak at launch.

Lots of people are disappointed that Squads is the only mode available in Spellbreak, but the developers have assured people that this won’t be the case for too long.

Per Proletariat’s CEO on Reddit, the locked modes will be added to the game once the team is sure about the server’s stability.

Again, this could happen at any time, but hopefully the promise of it happening soon comes to fruition.