This week, GTA Online is spewing out double GTA$ and RP for players who take on Special Cargo missions. These missions are a nice way to boost your in-game wealth without too much extra effort.

Special Cargo missions involve acquiring cargo, storing it at a warehouse, and then selling it on for profit. It’s not the most exciting of tasks, but it pays dividends.

Actually transporting the cargo can be a dangerous practice, and it helps to have a trustworthy crew to help, although the missions can also be undertaken solo.


How to play Special Cargo missions in GTA Online

In order to play Special Cargo missions, and earn double money in GTA Online, you’ll first need a warehouse – not a car warehouse, but instead, a warehouse for storing goods.

First, become a CEO by buying an office from the in-game Dynasty8 website. Then, using your office computer, buy a warehouse. These come in various sizes and styles, it’s up to you how much money you want to commit.

You’ll also need to hire Associates to help transport Special Cargo – they can either be NPCs, or the friends that you usually play GTA Online with.

How to double your $GTA earnings

You’ll have the option to purchase a variety of different types of cargo, and your in-game assistant will occasionally prompt you if a very special, more valuable type of cargo is available.

You can typically buy between one and three crates of cargo at a time, but the more you buy, the more you stand to lose if things go south. Fill your warehouse slowly over time, and before long, you’ll have a lot of Special Cargo ready to sell to earn the big bucks in GTA Online.

The current increase in value applies at the selling stage. Make sure you cash out by selling your Special Cargo this week, before GTA Online’s price tag for cargo drops again.

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