Fortnite Season 4 of Chapter 2 is a massive collaboration with Marvel that will pit players against the mighty Galactus. There’s tons of great skins to unlock via the Season 4 Battle Pass tiers such as the muscle bound She-Hulk, but there is also the ferocious Wolverine. The Wolverine week 2 challenge is now available to complete, and here you’ll discover where the Quinjet Patrol is so you can find the loading screen.

In addition to the objective this guide focuses on, there are other challenges available in Fortnite such as destroying boats at craggy cliffs, and dancing on top of seven different Sentinel heads. All of the available objectives are largely easy to complete, so they shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

And, to help you complete the Wolverine week 2 challenge, below you’ll discover where the Quinjet Patrol is so you can find the loading screen.

Fortnite Battle Pass | Trailer

Fortnite Battle Pass | Trailer

Where is the Quinjet Patrol site in Fortnite?

The Quinjet Patrol site with the Wolverine loading screen can be anywhere on the Fortnite map.

Once you start a Fortnite match, simply open your map and look for the Quinjet Patrol site emblem to find them.

There will be four different ones available to ransack, so it’s recommended that you simply travel to the closest.

As soon as you land near one of the four available, you will need to be ready to battle a bunch of Stark Robots.

How to find the Wolverine loading screen picture at a Quinjet in Fortnite

Simply travel to one of the available Quinet Patrol sites to find the Wolverine loading screen in Fortnite.

After you’ve landed next to a Quinjet Patrol and have dealt with the Stark robots, venture inside the craft to find the Wolverine loading screen.

It’s impossible to miss as it is bright and colourful with mixtures of red, yellow, and blue.

The loading screen shows Wolverine slashing away at invisible enemies in his iconic X-men suit as well as just in a vest.

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