Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is back on the small screen with a leading role in Two Weeks to Live but where was the series filmed? Let’s explore the filming locations.

The Sky six-part series follows Maisie’s character Kim Noakes as she takes on the mission to avenge her father.

Kim, who grew up in the middle of nowhere with her mother, decides to leave everything behind to find her father’s killer.

And while viewers are first introduced to Kim’s rural hometown, the series also features a number of other filming locations in the UK.

So, let’s find out where Two Weeks to Live was filmed.

Where was Two Weeks to Live filmed?

  • Herne Bay
  • Margate

Herne Bay

Part of the series took place in Herne Bay. That’s a seaside town located in Kent, which is north of Canterbury and east of Whitstable.

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The town was a famous seaside destination in the past but its popularity as a tourist town has decreased in the last years.

Some of its most famous attractions near the seafront include the Clock Tower, the sea defence jetty, the off-shore World War II sea fort and the off-shore wind farm.

Scenes of Two Weeks to Live was filmed on Hampton Pier and in a house on Grand Drive in Herne Bay, as reported by Kent Film Office.


A lot of filming took place in Margate. Margate is another seaside town located in Kent, which is also close to Canterbury.

The town is famous for its sandy beaches, art galleries, museums and the old town.

Viewers familiar with Margate may recognise the amusement park Dreamland, the Lighthouse Bar on the Harbour Arm and Margate Beach from scenes of Two Weeks to Live.

Other famous attractions in Margate are the Turner Contemporary art gallery, the cave The Shell Grotto and The Old Kent Market.

Explore the filming locations

We found a few set pictures from when Maisie and the rest of Two Weeks to Live crew filmed the Sky series.

Here are some snaps from a fan in Margate.

Here is a Twitter post from another keen fan.

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