Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph has become the latest star to get ‘cancelled’ following a Twitter post that received backlash from some fans.

This year has been tumultuous as a result of the ongoing global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement which led to protests first in the US, and then in many other countries around the world.

A number of celebrities and online influencers have used their social media accounts to voice their support to BLM and raise awareness about the movement.

But while some have stepped up, others haven’t been that vocal.

In the case of Tyler Joseph, some fans have ‘cancelled’ the celeb after he made a joke about using his “platforms” to speak up about Black Lives Matter and other issues.

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Who is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler is a singer, rapper and record producer.

He is best known as the frontman of the musical duo Twenty One Pilots. The band was formed in 2009 with the likes of Tyler, bassist Nick Thomas and drummer Chris Salih, but the latter two left in 2011.

As part of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler has received six Grammy Awards nominations, of which he has won one.

Tyler enjoys a huge follower count on his social media profiles. He has 2.2 followers on Twitter, while that figure is 5.1 million on his Instagram account.

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Tyler faces backlash over Twitter post

Tyler is facing ‘cancellation’ over one of his Twitter posts, which some fans have deemed as “insensitive”.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, September 2nd, the artist shared two pictures of himself wearing a pair of white platform shoes.

Fans have urged Tyler to use his platform to speak about important matters, instead fans felt that he mocked them by replying:

“You guys keep asking me to use my platforms. feels good to dust these bad boys off.”

And following Tyler’s tweet, many of his followers were quick to share their reactions.

One user reacted: “No that’s actually not what we mean. we would like you to speak up on the injustice in this country.”

Another one said: “This ain’t it dude! Maybe don’t mock your followers who want you to use your social platforms responsibly.”

Tyler has apologised

In a series of posts, Tyler shared links to mental health organisations, and tweeted:

“Your own mental health should always be a priority. i’m amazed at how easy it is to forget that simple fact. it’s something that can sneak up on you, then eventually you check in on it and realize it’s in really bad shape.”

But he was once again criticised for not speaking about BLM specifically.

He then took to Twitter to apologise to his fans following their backlash and said:

“my tweet wasn’t suppose to be about human rights. so in case you are wondering where i stand: Black Lives Matter. i just wanted to take a moment to raise awareness about something else that has meant a lot to me for a long time. but now I see there is no room for that right now.”

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