It can be hard to keep up with all the hoaxes which have appeared in lockdown – and now it has been claimed that Danny Jacobs is dead.

The actor shot to fame as the voice of King Julien in the Madagascar film series but has also appeared in several other big-name titles.

Here’s what we know about the star and the hoax currently doing the rounds on social media..

King Julien / DreamWorks Madagascar YouTube

Is the actor Danny Jacobs dead?

  • The actor doesn’t appear to have died and it seems that he has been caught up in an internet hoax.

Website Celebrity Deaths posted on Wednesday about the swirling rumours, saying that they weren’t true.

Several people also took to Twitter to ask for information about Danny.

One person wrote: “Heard Danny Jacobs is dead too(King Julian)… Facts or cap?”

Who is Danny Jacobs, the the voice of King Julien in the Madagascar films?

Danny Jacobs took over from Sacha Baron Cohen as the voice of King Julien in 2008.

His first voice appearance in the role was in The Penguins of Madagascar TV show and he has appeared in three other specials.

However Danny’s first big screen debut as King Julien was in Madagascar 3, which was released in 2012.

Danny has credits in several movies and TV shows including Apple & Onion and Lego Star Wars: All-Stars.

Why have the Madagascar films been back in the news recently?

On Wednesday it was reported that Erick Morillo had died. The singer was the voice behind the films’ song I Like To Move It Move It.

Along with Sacha Baron Cohen, who voiced King Julien in the first two movies, Erick shot to fame for the catchy tune.

Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic,

Erick was found dead at his home in Miami and was reportedly scheduled for a court hearing on Friday, reports Pitchfork.

He had been arrested and charged with sexual battery last month over an alleged incident in December 2019, according to local10.