2020 has been a horrible year for many reasons, but one of the many tragedies of the year so far is the unfortunate death of Chadwick Boseman. Mostly known for playing Black Panther in the MCU, athletes have been giving touching tributes and everyone has been paying respect online in some capacity. There is now a Black Panther statue in Fortnite, and here you’ll discover where the statue is so you can find the monument and pay tribute to Boseman in-game.

There are rumours that a skin of the iconic superhero portrayed by the late actor will be added to Fortnite. These same leaks suggest that Captain Marvel, Hulk, and Ant-Man will all be added as well, but it’s the Wakanda Forever hero who everyone is anticipating.

While Epic Games haven’t announced that a skin is coming, below you’ll discover where the Black Panther statue is so you can find the monument.

Where is the Black Panther statue in Fortnite?

The Black Panther statue and monument is in Fortnite near Misty Meadows.

Players will be able to find the Black Panther statue and monument towards the left of Misty Meadows, and it’s hard to miss thanks to its huge size.

Rather than a monument of the superhero, it’s instead an impressive creation of the animal the superhero is named after and inspired by.

You can find the exact location of where the statue is on the marked map just below.

When is the Black Panther skin coming out in Fortnite?

No one knows when the Black Panther skin is coming out in Fortnite.

It’s probable that there is a Black Panther skin coming out in Fortnite, but Epic Games haven’t officially announced it as of yet.

The likelihood stems from recent leaks suggesting it will happen, as well as because of the statue that has recently been added.

And the implementation of this statue was always a part of Epic Games’ plans for Season 4 (via Kotaku), meaning it wasn’t just a tribute they quickly made and implemented.

Leaker Hypex found powers which point to the inclusion of Black Panther, and he also uncovered the monument before it was added to the map.

This makes it likely that he’s right about the skin, but – again – we don’t when it will be made available if the leak is correct.

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