Following last year’s Sister Squad hiatus, James Charles and Emma Chamberlain are back with new collab videos on YouTube. But what happened between them?

Since the rise of YouTubers, fans around the world have found themselves emotionally involved in their lives, careers and relationships.

And quite naturally when there’s some sort of drama between social media stars, fans want to know all the details surrounding their favorites.

That’s the case with James Charles and Emma Chamberlain who have finally returned to making videos on YouTube together following last year’s events.

James Charles and Emma Chamberlain

James Charles and Emma Chamberlain’s drama

Their drama goes back to 2019 when Emma and James unfollowed each other on social media. At the time Emma cut down her Instagram following to only 17 people.

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And that was the time when fans noted something wasn’t right as James responded to Emma: “I posted a beautiful makeup look today but u wouldn’t know.”

Emma was quick to tweet back, saying: “ill go check it out anyways. because i love u!”

The two YouTubers were part of ‘Sister Squad’ with the likes of fellow stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan. The four of them used to make collab videos together, from pranks to travel vlogs.

However, in May last year, the squad separated following James’s infamous beef with beauty influencer Tati Westbrook.

But it looks like whatever happened between James and Emma is in the past now as the two friends have returned to YouTube with a new collab video.

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James and Emma collab again

James and Emma are back with two new videos on their YouTube channels. In the first one, Emma helps James to pick his outfits for the week.

Meanwhile, Emma shared a make-up tutorial with James on her own channel with the caption ‘Doing James Charles Makeup We’re Back’.

Since it was published on Tuesday, September 1st, James’s video has already gained over 3.8 million views, while nearly 3 million fans have watched Emma’s clip.

Emma and James talk doing videos again

Speaking on James’s video, both YouTubers shared their excitement to be working again after such a long time.

“I didn’t think I would ever be in this room again,” Emma said. “I feel really good. I missed you.”

James also chimed in Emma’s comment, saying: “It’s been a really long time. Emma and I recently reconnected after I think like two years.

“A lot can happen over the course of two years. It’s been really amazing just catching back up and really being in each other’s lives again. And I’m definitely happy to have you back.”

Fans are also excited that James and Emma are back filming together.

Check out some reactions down below.

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