The ‘I enter the garden’ riddle has left many scratching their heads but just what is the answer to this tricky teaser?

Thanks to the lockdown measures put in place around the world earlier this year to help combat the spread of Covid-19, we’ve all been stuck at home much more than usual.

As a result, many of us have had to search for new ways of keeping ourselves entertained.

And while Netflix and Disney+ have proven to be two hugely popular methods, a huge amount of people have been looking for more engaging ways to fill their time.

This has seen a huge array of riddles and brain teasers flood social media over the past few months and one of the most recent has left many dumbfounded.

The riddle in question is the ‘I enter the garden’ riddle but it’s a teaser that has left many scratching their heads.

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Riddle: I enter the garden

The ‘I enter the garden’ riddle is a surprisingly complex one and is as follows:

  • I enter the garden. There are 34 people in the backyard. You kill 34 people. How many people are in the garden?

Managed to work this one out or are you struggling?

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Answer: How many people are in the garden?

  • There is one person in the garden.

This riddle is a surprisingly deceptive one, especially depending on your definition of a backyard or garden.

In this instance, the riddle does not say that the garden and backyard are the same location.

As a result, you are the only person in the garden during this murderous rampage of the 34 people.

Alternatively, if the garden and backyard are the same location, then there would be zero people left in the garden as you would technically count as part of the 34 people, all of whom are killed.

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