Where to get the ‘Leo Dicaprio Meme Face mask’ – Twitter goes crazy for trend!

Candela Orobitg-Baena

It is not the first time that Leo Dicaprio and his iconic face reactions have transcended into the meme universe to create hilarious content. But it might be the first time the meme has, in turn, transformed into a face mask that people can actually buy.

The meme originated from a still from Tarantino’s movie Django Unchained, where Leo’s character Calvin Candie (the bad guy) is holding a drink and laughing.

In all honestly, the face expression is hilarious; as it kind of looks like he is laughing at a very bad dad joke he himself has just told.

Regardless to the fact that the movie was released in 2012, the Dicaprio Django meme, which is how it has been baptised, started to grow very popular in early August 2020 on Reddit and Instagram.

Twitter users have also had their say about the meme, describing it as “the best meme image of all time”.

How to buy Dicaprio’s Meme Mask

Dicaprio’s laughing mouth, or actually Calvin Candie’s laughing mouth, has been morphed into a face protection mask and is being sold for $15.95 on the website Merch Yolo.

It is one size only and has three layers with soft elastic ear bands. Also, you will look hilarious; almost as if you were “laughing to not cry” at the mess that 2020 has become.

Are we surprised when a popular meme is printed onto a face mask for people to wear? No, we are not.

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