Fortnite Season  4 is a collaboration between Marvel and Epic Games, and it has resulted in a plethora of superheroes being added to the battle royale roster. There are a bunch of skins and weapons you can obtain, and lots of people are asking: where is Mjolnir in Fortnite? Here you’ll discover how to pick the weapon up as Thor.

In regard to where Mjolnir is in Fortnite, you will find it North of Weeping Woods and Southwest of Salty Springs. Although the weapon is relatively small, you will easily be able to find the huge chasm it sits in.

Now, in order to pick it up, you must be dressed as Thor. You cannot pick the legendary weapon up as any other skin, you must be wearing the get-up that is the Norse God of Thunder.

Once you’ve found Mjolnir and are dressed as Thor, all you need to do is approach the Sword in the Stone and press the on-screen button to pick it up.

You can find the exact location of Mjolnir marked on the map in the original story down below.

Original story:

Fortnite Season 4 is right around the corner despite the ensuing battle between Epic Games and Apple. We know thanks to leaks and an official confirmation that there will be a Marvel theme, but now Thor’s hammer has officially landed in the battle royale landscape. Here you’ll discover where and how to find the location of Thor’s hammer in Fortnite, as well as find out whether you can use it.

The bad news for iOS gamers is that they won’t be able to download the Season 4 update for Fortnite thanks to the aforementioned conflict between Apple and Epic Games. This is disappointing for mobile players, but everyone else on PC and consoles will be fine.

And, if you’re a fan of teasers, below you’ll discover the location for where and how to find Thor’s hammer.

How to find the location of Thor’s hammer in Fortnite?

You will find the location of Thor’s hammer in Fortnite near Salty Springs.

Simply travel to Salty Springs and then move south until you come across the location of Thor’s hammer in Fortnite.

You’ll be able to sight Mjolnir super easy thanks to there being a huge chasm in the ground with the iconic weapon sticking out.

If you’re struggling to find it, you can find the exact location marked on the map down below.

Can you use Thor’s hammer in Fortnite?

No, you cannot use Thor’s newly found hammer in Fortnite.

You can approach Thor’s hammer in Fortnite, but it impossible to use or destroy.

This isn’t surprising as – much like the Sword in the Stone – Mjolnir can only be picked up by those who are worthy.

And let’s face the cold hard truth, none of us are anywhere near worthy of wielding the iconic boomerang. 2020 has pretty much proven that.

It’s possible that when Season 4 starts something will happen at the chasm. Thor could possibly appear to retrieve his beloved, or something else just as magnificent could occur.

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