Wasteland 3 brings back The Provost, a recurring character in the series who is as mysterious as he is eloquent. Found in The Warrens, The Provost is necessary to unlock an achievement, but he doesn’t have a lot more use in the game.

The Provost has shown up in both Wasteland and Wasteland 2. In the previous game, he could join the player as a companion, spouting different Latin dialogue depending on various factors such as the player’s religious affiliation.

In Wasteland 2, The Provost’s sole role was opening a locked safe containing the Eye of Providence. In Wasteland 3, it seems that The Provost’s job is even more perplexing, but also very difficult to find.

Where to find The Provost in Wasteland 3

The Provost can be found hiding behind a locked door in the Prison Block in The Warrens, behind The Bizarre. To get to him, you’ll need to open a locked door (Lockpicking Level 7 is required).

Once you meet The Provost, he’ll speak to you solely in Latin and will begin to follow your party around. If you’re unable to interact with him, don’t panic – this isn’t a glitch; he’s meant to be incomprehensible and incoherent.

Once you find The Provost, you’ll receive Wasteland 3’s Quid Agit?! achievement, but this isn’t all you can do with him – if you’re able to keep him alive.

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What does The Provost do in Wasteland 3?

According to Redditor vizendel, you need to take The Provost to the Snowed Inn Resort and open the toaster on the rightmost path. When The Provost sees the Token of Minerva, it prompts a dialogue exchange where he speaks in Latin.

Next, travel to the furthest North-West point on the map, to the Heart of the Mountain. Here, The Provost “will reveal that he’s part of the Provost Illuminati, and there’s an achievement for this”.

Bear in mind that there are probably additional secrets hiding within Wasteland 3, some of which may pertain to The Provost and his strange brotherhood. Not all of this game’s secrets have been found just yet.

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