Fortnite Season 4 has begun and it’s a collaboration with Marvel. Unfortunately, this new season has resulted in an empty and dated game for iOS players, but for everyone else there’s a lot of incredible skins to unlock. Lots of people are asking where is Jennifer Walters’ office in Fortnite, and here you’ll discover how to visit it to complete one of the She-Hulk skin awakening challenges.

There are plenty of new mythic weapons and items in Fortnite Season 4, and these include iconic Marvel tools of destruction such as Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. You need to complete objectives to unlock some of the weapons, skins, and items included in the Season 4 Battle Pass, but you also need to reach some specific tiers.

And, because she’s the best character as a mighty herculean lavished in green,  below you’ll discover all the She-Hulk skin awakening challenges as well as where Jennifer Walters’ office is located.

What are the She Hulk challenges in Fortnite?

The She-Hulk skin awakening challenges in Fortnite are as follows:

  • Visit Jennifer Walters’ office
  • Eliminate Doctor Doom’s Henchmen
  • Emote as Jennifer Walters after smashing vases

In order to complete all the She-Hulk challenges, you must have unlocked the Jennifer Walters skin.

And, to unlock and necessarily wear the Jennifer Walters skin, you must have reached tier 22.

Once you’ve completed all of the aforementioned challenges, you will then be able to turn the ordinary Miss Walters into her muscle bound form, She-Hulk.

Where is Jennifer Walters’ office in Fortnite?

Jennifer Walters’ office is found in Fortnite at Retail Row.

Once you travel to Retail Row, you will easily find Jennifer Walters’ office in Fortnite by sighting a white building with a sign out front.

All you need to do is open the door and step into the abode, but remember that you must also be wearing the skin of She-Hulk’s original self.

You can find the exact location on the marked map above.

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