Cardi B has responded to the Hodgetwins on Twitter after they offensively called her out for interviewing Joe Biden.

The YouTube pair claimed that politics “isn’t her thing,” and that she should stick to rapping and stripping because that’s what she’s “good at”.

However, Cardi fought back at the statement and responded on Twitter. Although she then deleted the tweet, and the Hodgetwins called her out yet again.

Here’s the whole drama explained!

Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Who are the Hodgetwins?

The Hodgetwins, consisting of Keith and Kevin Hodge, are popular YouTubers with over a million followers on each of their three YouTube channels – TheHodgetwins, TwinMuscle, and ConservativeTwins.

They are best known as YouTube fitness gurus, but have also branched out into making videos about entertainment, current affairs and celebrity gossip.

The pair from Virginia worked in the Marine Corps before starting their channel in 2008.

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The Hodgetwins made a video about Cardi B

On August 19th, the Hodgetwins uploaded a video to their ConservativeTwins channel called: “Cardi B interviewed Joe Biden.”

In that video, they called out Cardi B for interviewing the presidential candidate, and claimed: “Politics isn’t really your thing”.

They said:

“I think you should just shut up and rap. Rap and strip. That’s your thing. That’s what you’re good at. You’re gifted. You should stick to stripping, and taking your clothes off for men. And rapping, stick to that. You should stick to sexualising women.”

They then continue to say that Biden should have “intellectuals” interviewing him, not Cardi B.

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Cardi responded on Twitter

Cardi B then responded to the Hodgetwins’ video, but later deleted the tweet. The Hodgetwins then uploaded a second video to their YouTube channel titled: “Cardi B responds to the Hodgetwins.”

The pair briefly apologise for being so harsh to Cardi and then read out her deleted tweet, in which she tried, and failed, to call out what they had said.

She tweeted:

“Politics is actually my thing, you want to know why? Because I pay more taxes than both you f*ckers combined. Maybe if there was a president that made college education free I wouldn’t have had to strip when I did, since you want to bring up my past.”

However, The Hodgetwins then fought back at what she said and called her out yet again. They claimed that just because she pays more taxes doesn’t mean she knows more about politics, it simply means she earns more money.

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