YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain has been caught up in relationship rumours after a new TikTok suggests she’s dating a mystery man. Emma has spilt the tea that she may be off the market and fans believe her boyfriend to be Tucker Pillsbury – here’s what we know!

Emma Chamberlain is the 19-year-old YouTuber with over 9-million subscribers. Emma is known for keeping her personal life private so as soon as fans get an insight into her dating life the internet goes crazy.

It has been rumoured that Tucker Pillsbury and Emma Chamberlain have been dating for a while. In a recent clip of Emma getting interviewed whilst walking down the street, she hints she may be taken.

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Who is Tucker Pillsbury?

  • Tucker Pillsbury aka Role Model is an American 23-year-old pop singer who was born in Maine on May 15, 1997.

Tucker took the music scene by storm in 2017 when he released his EP, Arizona in the Summer. Tucker has over 176,000 followers on Instagram, scrolling through his Instagram feed his tattoos and fashion have left fans obsessed by him.

Tucker has recently announced that he will be doing Instagram live streams every Wednesday, where he gets chance to spill the tea to his fans; the series is titled ‘The Coffee Run with Role Model”.

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Role Model told Vice that before making music, he wanted to work in film: “I wanted to direct and produce movies. But at the end of my freshman year [in college] I had met these two kids who had recorded themselves rapping,” he continued. “I had never seen that before. I didn’t know that you could do it yourself like that at home. They left the equipment at my dorm. I played around with that for, like, three weeks and just fell in love with it.”

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Are Emma and Tucker dating?

  • It has not been confirmed that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. However Tucker and Emma follow one another on Instagram, and Tucker left a flirty comment on one of her recent posts. What has convinced fans they’re dating is that Emma’s parents even follow him.

The 19-year-old YouTube star suggested she was in a relationship after saying that a TikTok user called Willy Wonka didn’t have a chance with her. In the video uploaded by TikTokDramaFix, the interviewer questions Emma on Willy Wonka’s obsession with her and a young man Emma is with yells, “Speak on it!.” Fans believe this person is Tucker Pillsbury, her rumoured boyfriend. 

The interviewer asks Emma if Willy Wonka should chill out, to which she replies, “Well, he should have some fun if he wants, but also, um, I’m not a cheater.” She then admits she’s in a relationship but doesn’t say who she’s dating. 

Chamberlain fans took to Twitter to note Tucker’s remark: “I can’t breathe Tucker in the back,” one fan commented, and another said, “I’m pretty sure it’s Tucker 🙁 I’m fine.”

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