Wasteland 3 comes out tomorrow and the reviews have been extremely positive. It’s been dubbed an RPG where your decisions and choices actually matter, which is extremely good news for role-playing fanatics. If you cannot wait to begin playing as early as possible, here you’ll discover the release time for Wasteland 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. And remember that now is your last chance to pre-order.

As previously mentioned, the reviews for Wasteland 3 have mostly been full of compliments.  Some have dubbed it a devilish satire of post-apocalyptic America, whereas others have praised it as a “terrifically executed RPG that rewards player investment“.

While you only need to go on Twitter to see a divided and obnoxious America in ruins, inXile Entertainment’s game at least promises player enjoyment. Here you’ll discover the release time for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Wasteland 3 pre-order price and bonus

The pre-order price for Wasteland 3 is £54.99 from Microsoft and on Steam.

However, the pre-order price for the Wasteland 3 Digital Deluxe Edition is £63.98. Those who are unsure about the investment can upgrade later on at the cost of £8.99.

Those who prematurely buy the RPG will receive the Colorado Survival Gear as a bonus.

This pre-order bonus comes with the following items:

  • Ranger General’s Hat and Glasses
  • Polished Ranger Badge
  • Snow Cameo Weapons

Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam comes with a manual, Rangers survival guide, a digital soundtrack and artbook, plus hi-res wallpapers.

What time does Wasteland 3 come out?

The release time for when Wasteland 3 will come out is 17:00 PT for Xbox One and Steam on August 27th.

This means that the release time for when Wasteland 3 should come out is also 20:00 ET on the same day, meanwhile 01:00 BST on August 28th.

As for PS4 gamers, the newest instalment come out on August 28th at 00:00 local time.

All aforementioned times have been confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account.

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