BioWare has revealed an early look at Dragon Age 4, and it seems that the game is still a long, long way from completion. Pretty much the only thing that the trailer reveals is that Dragon Age 4 will features two new characters, named Davrin and Bellara.

The trailer itself is a subtle admission that there isn’t really much to show for Dragon Age 4 thus far. The game is in very early stages, and at present, the team at BioWare seem more concerned with wandering in the woods than actually making the game.

Amid a lot of filler are a few brief glimpses at the new Dragon Age game, and with nothing else to latch on to, fans have begun speculating about who Bellara and Davrin might be.

Who is Bellara in Dragon Age 4?

The name Bellara comes from a short few seconds of footage of veteran BioWare voice actor Lee Young Han, saying, “No no, that’s okay – that’s the good kind of rumble.” From this, it sounds as if Bellara is a party member who is both knowledgeable and optimistic, but it’s hard to get any greater sense of her part in the story.

Lee Young Han previously voiced Sentinel Dax in Anthem. BioWare has a fondness for reusing voice actors, so it’s not a surprise that she’s returning to the series, possibly in a larger role this time around.

According to the trailer, there is a focus this time on making the player feel less than omnipotent, relying more on their allies. Bellara could be a big part of this dynamic.


Who is Davrin in Dragon Age 4?

A little more is known about Davrin that Bellara. Another BioWare veteran voice actor, Ike Amadi, shouts “Nobody dies on my watch! For the Wardens!”

From this, we can gather that Davrin is himself some kind of Grey Warden, or similarly aligned character with a responsibility to protect others. This would be far from the first time a Dragon Age game has centred around Grey Wardens – they can be thought of as the Jedi of Thedas.

Both Bellara and Davrin are likely to play pivotal roles in the upcoming Dragon Age 4. The only downside is that fans won’t get to meet them for a very long time, as the game seems to still be at a very early stage in development.

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