People on TikTok are saying there’s going to be two moons on the night of August 27th – but is it true?

TikTok users have been talking about August 27th for months now. The viral trend initially confused everybody, but now it’s taken over the social media app.

This special day is supposed to make all your wildest dreams come true, encouraging social media users to manifest something that they’ve always wanted to happen.

And now, TikTok users are saying there’s a certain time you have to manifest – at the sight of the two moons! But will there actually be two moons tonight?

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TikTok users obsess over August 27th

A few months ago, TikTok users began sharing videos saying that something special was going to happen on August 27th, and everyone got really confused.

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The trend got really popular on the social media app, and everyone’s For You pages were filled with videos asking you to remember the date.

It all started back in June when a TikTok account called @stfusamantha posted a video with a bright blue filter applied. On the screen, she wrote: “If this is on your FYP, congratulations. You’ve been chosen. Remember the date August 27th.”

The video got 6.4 million views and 1.3 million likes, and everyone started wondering exactly what’s going to happen.

What is happening on August 27th?

The August 27th trend was intially satrted as a hoax, but then it turned into a lot more than that.

August 27th is a day when TikTok users are telling everyone to manifest something. ‘Manifesting’ means making something happen. So it could be something you’ve always wished for, and you have to make it happen in real life!

All you have to do is think of something that you want to happen, and it should come true on August 27th.

Manifest at the sight of the two moons

On the night of August 27th 2020, a myth says that there will be two moons – one will be the real moon, and one will be Mars.

The hoax began back in 2003 that on August 27th 2020, the planet Mars would appear the same size as the moon. Is it true? No, this is actually scientifically impossible. Mars is a lot further away from Earth than our moon is, so it will always appear a lot smaller.

However, many TikTok users believe in the myth, and are telling others to manifest something at the sight of the two moons. The rumour says that the two moons are supposed to appear at 12:30 – and social media users are getting ready to manifest.

Whilst the two moons sighting isn’t astronomically possible, there’s no reason why you can’t manifest something anyway. You never know, maybe it will come true!

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