Season 2 is here but where was Trinkets filmed? The filming locations were very important to ensure the story was told just right.

How chaotic is your Netflix queue at the moment?

This year has consisted of spending much more time in doors and therefore many more hours in front of Netflix, scrolling away.

They’ve delivered some exceptional content in 2020 and we’ve added so much to our list to work through. However, it’s worth addressing that some titles are simply worth making the time for as soon as possible.

For fans of Trinkets, the recent addition of season 2 meant dropping everything else and tuning in.

Created by Kirsten Smith, Amy Andelson, and Emily Meyer, the series arrived in 2019 and is based on Kirsten’s 2013 novel of the same name. It was embraced by a number of surefire fans and hopes swiftly turned to a follow-up.

Fortunately, that has now arrived in the form of a second season.

For those tuning into either season, let’s talk about locations….


Netflix: Where was Trinkets filmed?

  • Trinkets was filmed in Portland, Oregon and arguably couldn’t have been filmed anywhere else.

As highlighted by The Cinemaholic, Kirsten Smith set the source material in Portland and the city and its locations become integral to the story.

There are so many projects where the location becomes a protagonist and this is certainly one of them.

Reinforcing this, Brin Lukens – executive producer – expressed while in conversation with Oregon Live [as cited by The Cinemaholic]:

“Sometimes, people go on location and shoot interiors, and you don’t get a sense of the place. For us, Portland is a character. Kiwi grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and the novel is set in Portland. I hope people will engage in the friendship story, and that people who live in Portland will feel like we tell the story of the city, and feel the city is represented.”

As for the locations used for Lakeshore High School, the crew shot scenes at Gladstone High School, while it’s also worth noting that they filmed at Oaks Amusement Park for some other sequences.

Additionally, The Cinemaholic addresses that Sellwood, Milwaukie, and Clackamas provided locations; the Mercantile Portland store and the downtown Portland Park Blocks will also stand out to those familiar with them.

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What’s the verdict on season 2?

The second and final season landed on Tuesday, August 25th 2020 and some audiences have already made very quick work of it.

Inevitably, fans have flocked to Twitter to express their fond thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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