Brody Wellmaker has only been on TikTok since March but he has already surpassed 1.2 million followers on the app and over 35 million likes.

The 29 year old bartender from Atlanta, GA went viral for his Kristen Stewart impersonations as Bella Swan from the Twilight series, and for being the self-appointed ‘CEO of duets’.

His most popular upper half duet, with 13.4 million views, sees him embody his alter ego, Amber, a supermarket cashier. Wellmaker’s upper half chews gum and winks cheekily at the camera, while the arms in this particular duet scan a customer’s groceries.

However, his most viewed video over all, with a whopping 16.1 milllion hits, is none other than his Bella Swan impersonation.


I’m just gonna reenact the whole movie. Screw it. #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage

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HITC spoke with Brody Wellmaker to find out more about his TikTok success and what it takes to become Bella and Amber.

HITC: How did you get into TikTok?

Brody: I got into it mainly because of the pandemic. I used to use Vine because I’ve always been an actor, so making short videos really appealed to me. I used it very casually, so I didn’t really have an audience there. Since I was furloughed from my job and there were no current games that appealed to me, I gave TikTok a go.

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HITC: What was your first TikTok?

Brody: My first video was in early 2020 – it was a recreation of the viral claymation of a humanoid saying, “Hi stranger, you can look at my butt”. My humour is really weird!

HITC: How did you decide that impressions and duets were the content you wanted to produce? What’s your process of choosing which videos to recreate?

Brody: I’ve always wanted to be an actor so my job is to show emotions through facial expressions – I make it comedic by overly exaggerating them. Also, Twilight was trending on the ‘For You Page’, so I put my own twist on it. I was actually a fan of the series – Team Edward, for sure. My ex got me into the books and it’s definitely still a guilty pleasure. My fiancée used to tease me about it. When I first started, I practiced my Bella impressions in secret from her.

Now that I’m older, I’ve realised how rough Kristen Stewart was in those movies. The faces she makes are hilarious, like when she first sees Edward from across the room.

HITC: Do you have any favourite accounts that you follow or get inspiration from?

Brody: I like kallmekris and calebwfrancis – I aim for his kind of content, a straightforward sitcom comedic style. If I ever got the chance to go to LA, I’d love to meet up with the big dancers like Charli [D’Amelio] or Addison [Rae], it’d be goofy to do a small dance together. I think Addison’s mum saw one of my videos because she recreated my watermelon upper half.

HITC: What’s your favourite TikTok that you’ve made so far?

Brody: I really enjoy lip syncing Disney scenes where I’m filming 2x or 3x speed because it makes the video a lot more animated.

HITC: Are you working on anything currently?

Brody: Not particularly, I’m just trying to grow my audience on TikTok to get more exposure. I eventually want to find an acting agency for representation – I would like to get a main role on a TV show.

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Acting career

If you think Brody looks familiar, then you may have seen him in several shows before, such as The Vampire Diaries (Season 6), CW’s Containment, and documentary TV series, Your Worst Nightmare.

We hope to see him in more shows in the future!

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