Social media is claiming that The Simpsons has made a huge prediction for August 27, 2020, but what is the supposed prediction and is it real?

If there are two things that are certain in modern life, it’s that the internet will always be full of weird and whacky trends and that The Simpsons will be regarded as this mystic fortune-teller.

Quite often, these two entities are rarely related to each other but 2020 is a strange year and as August is now well underway, a bizarre trend has emerged on social media linking the date August 27th with The Simpsons.

The unlikely trend has caused quite a stir online, most notably as people keeping up with the trend seem to think that The Simpsons has predicted that Donald Trump will die on August 27th.

But has The Simpsons ever predicted something quite like that and what’s so special about August 27th?

20th Century Television

The Simpsons supposedly predicted Trump’s death

The Simpsons has grown a huge reputation in recent years for predicting events that have happened long after episodes of the show have aired.

From Trump becoming US President to Disney owning 20th Century Fox, the list has only kept on growing.

Earlier in 2020, an image emerged online that appeared to be from an episode of The Simpsons which showed Donald Trump lying dead in a coffin.

And it is this image that people on social media seem to have linked to the August 27th date.

The Simpsons’ August 27, 2020 prediction is fake

It’s unknown as to why the image and the date have been linked as the image of Trump in The Simpsons in question is fake and has never appeared in an episode of the show according to Snopes.

While Trump has appeared on The Simpsons multiple times in recent years, the image of him in the coffin simply isn’t a genuine prediction.

But just where has the August 27th date come from?

There’s a TikTok trend linked to August 27th

That’s right, as well as The Simpsons supposedly having links to August 27th, in July a trend shot across TikTok, claiming that August 27th would be a notable date too.

However, as HITC reported at the time, there was nothing concrete about why August 27th has become such a hotly anticipated day.

The bizarre trend still seems to be doing the rounds on social media, however, but whether or not anything happens on August 27th, 2020 remains to be seen.

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