We’ve got another interesting riddle for you in case you need a new challenge. So, what’s the answer to ‘If I had 4 eggs a thief gives me 3’ puzzle?

Riddles and puzzles have become a favourite thing for many people during the lockdown.

But it appears that they are still trending as many continue searching for ones they haven’t solved yet.

So, let’s take a look at this riddle about eggs.

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Riddle: ‘If I had 4 eggs’

The riddle asks the following:

  • If I had 4 eggs and a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more – how many do I have?

Got the answer after one read? If not, keep reading because we’ve got the explanation to this riddle down below.

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Answer: ‘If I had 4 eggs’

  • The answer is 3.

To begin with, the riddle says ‘If I had 4 eggs’ but this is a scenario only and you didn’t have any eggs in the first place. So that’s 0 eggs.

Then the thief gave you 3 eggs.

The rooster laid 5 more but that is impossible so therefore 0 eggs here.

The final calculation is 0+3+0=3.

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