Jeffree Star posted a cosy photo with a new man on Instagram, and fans are speculating it could be his boyfriend – but who is he?

Back in January 2020, beauty guru, Jeffree Star broke up with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, revealing all the details in a YouTube video. Since then, Jeffree has had a pretty drama-filled year, always being a hot topic of conversation online.

And it seems that the drama isn’t over yet, as fans think Jeffree might have a new boyfriend. He posted a loved up photo on Instagram, and fans have exposed the mystery man as Andre Marhold. Here’s everything we know about his new love interest.

Photo by Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

Jeffree Star posted a photo with a new man

Jeffree Star took to Instagram this week to post a photo with what was seemingly his new boyfriend.

The picture showed Jeffree sitting on man’s lap wearing a full Louis Vuitton jumpsuit. All that was visible was the man’s arms wrapped around Jeffree’s back.

He captioned the photo: “Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year.” Fans instantly assumed this was his new lover.

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Fans exposed his identity

Despite the image being only of Andre’s arms, the photo showed some very distinguishable features. The man in question has both arms fully tattooed, so all fans had to do was work out who the tattoos belonged to.

That really didn’t take long, and fans quickly exposed his identity as Andre Marhold, a professional basketball player.

Some people criticised others for exposing his identity, arguing that Jeffree clearly wanted to keep him hidden. However, others argued that it was actually Jeffree who purposely exposed him by showing off his obvious tattoos.

Who is Andre Marhold?

Andre Marhold is a professional basketball player who recently played for Germany’s Giessen 46ers. The athlete is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and he graduated from Mecklenburg High School in 2009.

Fans did a little bit of digging and allegedly found out that he had a wife who he has a child with. Apart from that, the world doesn’t really know much about Jeffree’s potential partner.

He has recently put his 12,000 follower Instagram account onto private, so it seems as though he wants to stay out of the limelight. But that’ll be difficult to do if he’s dating Jeffree Star!

Jeffree confirms they’re not dating

After much speculation, Jeffree took to his Instagram Story yesterday (August 26th) to shut down the boyfriend rumours.

Jeffree argued that he and Andre are just hanging out, and that Andre is single. He said: “I know rumours and lies are entertaining, but just know that I’m having out with someone amazing who is single.”

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