The new episodes are terrific but is Lucifer season 5 episode 9 confirmed? Netflix audiences are desperate for more after a stunning cliffhanger.

When it comes to quality television, we’ve arguably never had so much choice at our fingertips thanks to the wonderful world of streaming.

However, when faced with a vast sea of content you have to prioritise certain shows.

We’re confident that many would drop another show they’re watching immediately to begin tucking into new episodes of Lucifer and we can hardly blame them.

Developed by Tom Kapinos, the series landed in 2016 and is based on the DC Comics character from Neil Gaiman. Initially, it wasn’t quite so well received but it’s arguably grown more impressive with every season.

Now in the fifth, we’ll be sad to see it go. Luckily, there is more in store.



Lucifer fans await Netflix return

Netflix treated Lucifer fans to a number of episodes from the fifth season on August 21st 2020 and it’s safe to say that they’re eager for more already.

Offering just eight episodes, audiences couldn’t help but look ahead in hopes for a ninth to bring the imperative answers.

Taking a shocking cliffhanger into consideration, episode 9 is being downright demanded.

Nevertheless, the Express notes that the fifth season has been split into two parts: a and b.

So, is season 5 part b on the horizon?

Lucifer season 5 episode 9: Release date confirmed?

  • No, Netflix are yet to confirm a release date for Lucifer season 5 episode 9. However, here’s what we know so far.

As we said, the eighth episode departed on quite the cliffhanger and we’ve already been told to expect more from season 5.

Fortunately, the Express highlights that the second part of the season has already been commissioned.

In fact, they also note that it’s almost finished filming. Of course, you know what we’re going to say next…

Sadly, COVID-19 has had a sweeping influence on TV production and has proven a factor in the delay of forthcoming episodes.

They had to cease production back in March in compliance with lockdown restrictions. The biggest kick in the teeth is that they were in the middle of shooting the finale. Talk about bad timing!

Until production kickstarts once again there will be no signs of a Netflix release date. Hopefully the team are back at it again soon and we suspect episode 9 will reach us before Christmas.

Addressing the future, showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson spoke with Collider [cited by the Express], with Joe expressing:

“We didn’t know it would be quite as long as a wait in between seasons. I think the intention was not to do that, and the honest truth is I think the second half will come out as soon as we can finish shooting it.”

Good things come to those who wait, we suppose.


What’s the verdict on season 5 so far?

Audiences have already offered their thoughts on the fifth season so far, flocking to Twitter and chatting with other fans.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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