The rumours that Gabbie Hanna will be in Euphoria season 2 has left people on social media baffled.

Gabbie Hanna rose to fame thanks to her online career as a social media influencer and vlogger.

She kicked off her career in Vine before moving to YouTube where she has millions of followers now.

Like every online influencer, Gabbie’s personal life and career are constantly in the social media spotlight and the latest rumour about her is that she will be in Euphoria season 2.

So, is that true or not?

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Gabbie Hanna’s Euphoria rumours

There have been thousands of tweets from Gabbie’s followers who have shared speculations over the YouTuber’s rumoured appearance on the HBO teen drama series.

One of many tweets that left people baffled said: “Youtuber & Artist Gabbie Hanna is rumored to join season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria as a recurring character, set to play a new student at the high school victim to high school bullies.”

And quite naturally, Gabbie’s fans want answers as they keep questioning whether the rumour is true or not.

So, will Gabbie be in Euphoria?

No, Gabbie won’t be in Euphoria season 2.

The YouTuber has shut down the speculations once and forever, tweeting: “omg i just found out people didn’t know this is photoshopped as of this wasn’t going around WHEN I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TWITTER hahahahahahaha f**k.”

In response, fellow YouTuber Alex Elmslie tweeted: “what the f**k??? i know people who actually thought that was real…”

Gabbie then responded: “that’s embarrassing for them lol.”

In a previous tweet, Gabbie created a make-up look inspired from Euphoria, teasing some her followers with the emojis of the photoshopped tweet.

Fans react on Twitter

It’s safe to say that a lot of Gabbie’s followers thought that her appearance in Euphoria season 2 was for real.

But others suspected that the tweet was photoshopped because of the way it was written.

One fan reacted: “the emojis and the typing is how i knew it was fake so basically the whole tweet.”

“It takes 2 seconds to see the difference in quantity between your user name and the tweet,” someone else added. “Like this isn’t even a convincing photoshop. Who are these people?”

Check out more reactions down below.

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