An article published by Snopes has called out claims on Twitter suggesting that Pepsi was making $400 million in donations to Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The death of George Floyd led to an international movement across the globe, demanding the end of social injustice and police brutality.

Celebrities and online influencers voiced their opinions in support of the movement, while companies vowed to raise the importance of racial and social justice to promote change.

Earlier this summer, an online statement from Pepsi lead to online speculation, where viral tweets suggested that the company was donating millions of dollars to the Black Lives Matter organisation.

Here is everything we know about the situation.

Pepsi’s June 2020 donations explained

Earlier in June 2020, Pepsi announced that they would donate $400 million to black communities in their aim to increase black representation and promote equality and diversity.

In a statement on Pepsi’s website, CEO Ramon Laguarta said:

“So today, I am announcing the next step in PepsiCo’s journey for racial equality: a more than $400 million set of initiatives over five years to lift up Black communities and increase Black representation at PepsiCo.

“These initiatives comprise a holistic effort for PepsiCo to walk the talk of a leading corporation and help address the need for systemic change.”

Pepsi announced that $350 million was designed to “more than double” their spending with black-owned suppliers. A further $50 million was to “strengthen black-owned small businesses” and $10 million to “support black-owned restaurants”.

The company also said that $5 million was to be used “to launch a Community Leader Fellowship program” and $6.5 million was set aside for “community impact grants to address systemic issues”. 

However, as a result of this statement, some social media users misinterpreted the statement, leading many to believe that Pepsi were donating a full $400 million sum to Black Lives Matter organisaton.

Snopes addresses the Twitter confusion about Pepsi

According to an article published by Snopes, claims that Pepsi had donated to Black Lives Matter are not true.

The fact-checking website wrote that the assumptions made on social media were not supported by any evidence and have labelled the allegations as false.

The article stated:

“The claim that PepsiCo had donated $100 million (or $400 million) to BLM appeared to be based on a basic misunderstanding of the company’s June 2020 announcement — or the false assumption that any investment associated with the Black community or rectifying racial injustice must be directly connected to BLM,” the website wrote.

Has Pepsi responded?

No, Pepsi hasn’t responded to those claims at the time of publication.

Snopes, however, mentioned in their report that they have contacted Pepsi for a comment.

The publication asked whether the company, or any charitable organisations linked to it, have made donations to Black Lives Matter or groups associated with it.

The only questionable donation is the $6.5 million amount, which was set aside for “community impact grants to address systemic issues”, as it’s not clear how exactly the money is planned to be used.

Pepsi is yet to address those questions and come forward with a statement.

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