TikTok is known for its viral challenges which sweep through the app every few weeks, with hundreds of people joining in.

The latest challenge has been around on the app for several months now, but has retained its popularity due to its simplicity and the curiosity of TikTok users!

The Phone in Your Back Pocket is a challenge whose aim is to see who has been checking you out- here is how you can join in with the challenge!

Read on to find out more.

What is the Phone in Your Back Pocket Challenge?

The Phone in Your Back Pocket Challenge is pretty self explanatory. To take part in the challenge, you need to put your phone in your back pocket, with the camera lens sticking out the top.

Hit record before you put the phone in there, and go about your day. At the end of the day, you can look at your phone and see how many people were looking at your bum during the day.

The hashtag has over 22 million views on TikTok as thousands of people have joined in with the trend.

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Several people have criticised the trend, saying it is a breach of privacy to upload videos which contain stranger’s faces onto TikTok.

Has anyone seen themselves in the challenge?

One user uploaded a video of herself doing the challenge, and in the TikTok you can see a boy staring directly at the camera, who she called “cute.”

The boy in the video found the TikTok, and made a video of his own reacting to it, which he captioned: “We found each other haha.”

In his TikTok, he said “I woke up to a viral video of me,” and he announced that he did in fact have a girlfriend.

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