Bruce Levine is a baseball analyst for WSCR-AM and 670 The Score, and has been covering baseball in Chicago for more than 30 years.

He has also worked for the Sun-Times, Sporting News and ESPN and is also well known on Twitter.

Bruce has over 55 thousand followers on Twitter, and they were quick to call him out for an unusual tweet on August 23rd.

Read on to find out more.

What did Bruce Levine tweet?

On August 23rd, Bruce Levine uploaded a photo onto Twitter which said: “Joe Biden is just Hillary Clinton with a smaller d**k. Change my mind.”

The photo is a popular meme format, where people edit their opinions onto it. In this particular photo, Donald Trump’s head is edited onto the post too.

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The post was quickly deleted, however one Twitter account tweeted it, saying: “I guess nobody told @MLBBruceLevine that Twitter is forever.”

Did Bruce Levine apologise?

After deleting the tweet, Bruce said: “Apologies for a picture that was sent. I have zero political agenda.”

Fans found the situation funny, and tweeted out their confusion over the deleted tweet.

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