Addison Rae is one of the most popular creators on TikTok and boasts over 57 million followers on the video sharing app.

She is known mostly for her short dance videos, which have gathered over 3 billion likes!

Addison’s mom is also on the app, and has recently shocked fans after releasing a video of her taking part in the WAP challenge.

Read on to find out more.

Who is Sheri Easterling?

Addison Rae’s mom is called Sheri Easterling, but goes by the name Sheri Nicole on TikTok, where she has ten million followers.

Sheri’s husband, Addison’s dad, is called Monty Lopez, and together the pair have three children. According to Celebs Life RealSheri is currently only 40, while her husband is 44.

Sheri does the WAP dance

On August 21st, Sheri Easterling AKA Addison Rae’s mom, uploaded a TikTok which said: “Dear Addison Rae… Please remember to be nice to your mama… she’s just one small click away from posting her WAP dance.”

Then, on August 23rd, after much encouragement from fans, Sheri uploaded the video of her doing the WAP dance.

In the TikTok, Sheri can be seen wearing a leopard print dress and high heeled boots as she completes the dance challenge.

Addison Rae commented on the TikTok, and wrote: “not the leopard print.”


i warned u @addisonre hope this teaches you to be nice to your mama ❤️ #foryou #ChoresInThisHouse #foryoupage #ChemicalHearts

♬ WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

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