YouTuber Roman Atwood has been absent from social media for a few months now and he finally broke his silence this week.

Roman Atwood is one of the original YouTubers on the social media platform who rose to fame with his prank videos in 2009.

After his channel reached over 10 million followers, Roman went to launch ‘Roman Atwood Vlogs’ in 2013 where he shared daily vlogs with his family.

However, the last time his fans saw him on social media was a few months ago and many are worried over the YouTuber’s sudden disappearance.

Roman Atwood Vlogs, YouTube

Where is Roman Atwood?

Roman has stopped uploading online content on his YouTube channel. His last video on ‘Roman Atwood Vlogs’ was on December 31st, 2019.

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He’s also absent from social media and his last Twitter post dates back to February this year when he shared a loved-up selfie with his partner Brittney to celebrate her birthday.

He wrote: “Happy Birthday to my soulmate!”

Brittney has been away from social media too as her last Instagram post was in December 2019.

Roman hasn’t offered any explanation or released any statement over why he’d stepped down from his online career.

What happened to Roman?

It’s unknown what exactly happened to Roman.

According to Teneighty Magazine, several of his fans have speculated that his disappearance may have something to do with a legal case of their brand Smile More.

In a 2019 video named ‘We’re Getting Sued’, Roman revealed that they were sued over their company, though it’s unclear if this is related in any way.

So while it’s not confirmed why Roman is no longer on social media, he like everyone else is an ordinary person who may need to deal with stuff behind the scenes.

Roman Atwood finally breaks silence

After seven months, Roman has finally broken his silence and returned with a video this week.

In a YouTube clip called ‘We Will Never Recover’, Roman revealed that he still couldn’t tell the full story behind his disappearance.

The YouTuber urged his followers to respect his family as at the end of the day he was a normal person just like everyone else.

He promised that more details will follow up once he can talk about what really happened.

Fans react on social media

It’s safe to say that Twitter has been flooded with social media posts from Roman’s followers.

Some have shared their concerns over his and his family’s well-being, while others simply said they miss the YouTuber’s content on the internet.

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