First Day has arrived on CBBC and is being praised by audiences for an exceptional performance from its transgender lead, Evie Macdonald.

Representation on screen is always of importance but it’s arguably even more essential in children’s entertainment.

Being a kid and seeing yourself represented in the shows you watch isn’t necessarily something you fully acknowledge until later, yet upon reflection, it’s perhaps something many took for granted.

It’s imperative that we’re able to identify with the characters on our screens from any age and recently we have seen significant progress.

A notable example as of late was featured in The Next Step, a teen drama series over on CBBC which depicted two teenage girls kissing. While it divided audiences, it was wonderful to see many champion the scene’s inclusion.

Progress continues to be made and yet another CBBC series is being highlighted…

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still from “First Day”, Epic Films et al.

First Day: CBBC show starring transgender lead

First Day launched on CBBC on Wednesday, August 19th 2020 and is a four-part Australian series.

Transgender actress Evie Macdonald stars in the lead as Hannah Bradford, who attempts to pursue a fresh start after being bullied at primary school.

As you can see, this isn’t your disposable, everyday show. Instead, First Day invites parents and audiences to consider what’s being explored and generate discussion within households.

It’s already been heralded as a heartfelt, educational and impressive piece of work.

Digital Spy also addresses that the 15-year-old actress previously spoke out and challenged Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

He reportedly criticised a report detailing that teachers were being trained to spot transgender children, to which Evie responded on National TV:

“My name is Evie Macdonald, I’m 13 years old and I’m a transgender kid. And this is what I want to say to the prime minister. There are thousands of kids in Australia that are gender diverse. We don’t deserve to be disrespected like that through tweets from our prime minister. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of attitudes like this.”

Her bravery was applauded and we’re certain that she’ll continue to receive acclaim thanks to her confrontational and accomplished screenwork here.

First Day celebrated on Twitter!

A number of audiences have already taken the time to share their thoughts on the series and discuss their experiences with it.

There are some incredibly touching and beautiful responses so far.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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