Electronic Arts have changed the name of EA Access to EA Play. This basically means that the subscription service remains the same so you’ll still be able to use it for ten hour trials of new releases such as upcoming games like FIFA 21 when it’s added. With the name change, lots of people are seeking EA Play vs. EA Play Pro guides, and here you’ll discover the three major differences you must know about.

EA Play is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now. A one-month subscription will cost £3.99, whereas 12-months will cost you only £19.99. If you’re a fan of Electronic Arts’ published games and wish to take advantage of discounts and trials, then the subscription fees required are more than worth it.

However, if you happen to use Origin, below you’ll find some vs. EA Play Pro comparisons to help you determine which subscription is best for you.

Madden NFL 21 – The Yard Trailer | PS4

Madden NFL 21 – The Yard Trailer | PS4

EA Play vs. EA Play Pro

The most notable difference in the EA Play vs. EA Play Pro subscription contest is prices.

For those who will conclude the EA Play vs. EA Play Pro debate  based on fees, then the former is the clear winner as it’s much cheaper.

The Standard version of the subscription service on Origin is £3.99 for one month and £19.99 for 12-months, whereas the buffed up version is £14.99 and £89.99 respectively.

However, while the aforementioned fees can make you scoff at the increase in price, know that there are two other notable distinctions that make EA Play Pro worthwhile.

Unlimited access to new releases

Aside from price, the biggest difference between EA Play and EA Play Pro is unlimited access.

Unlike the standard version of the subscription service, EA Play Pro provides unlimited access to the publisher’s new releases.

This means you’ll be able to play so much more than just the ten hour trial typically reserved seven days before a new game’s launch.

Play the best editions

On EA Play Pro you can play the best editions of every game on offer.

This basically means that you can play versions other than Standard which will provide you with the chance to experience full packages.

Essentially, you’ll be able to experience added extras such as in-game rewards, premium player content, and Season Passes.

You can find the official list of differences between EA Play and EA Play Pro by clicking here.

Is EA Play Pro on PS4 and Xbox One?

No, EA Play Pro is not available for PS4 or Xbox One.

Electronic Arts notes that EA Play Pro is only available on PC via Origin, which means that PS4 and Xbox One players cannot make the upgrade.

This is obviously disappointing for several reasons, but hopefully things will change in the future.

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