TikTok’s newest challenge has taken the internet by storm and will test the strength of your relationship… quite literally!

The latest ‘koala challenge’ has been taken on by thousands of couples and is harder than it looks.

The challenge, unsurprisingly, does not feature actual koalas and instead shows girls trying to climb completely over and around their boyfriend’s body without touching the ground, much like a koala. 

If you have no core strength and view yourself as more of a panda, read our step by step guide on the challenge below and you’ll be climbing up your partner in no time.

What is the Koala Challenge?

The challenge is named after the marsupial as it is known for its ability to climb and cling onto trees.

After watching people partake in the challenge you will see why this is such a fitting name as the aim of the challenge is to climb all the way around and over the body of your partner.

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If this doesn’t seem hard enough, some users have decided to take the challenge one step further, and have the person who acts as the ‘tree’ not help the ‘koala’ at all by standing still and holding their arms out to the side.

How to do the Koala Challenge on TikTok

  • First, grab a partner- it can be anyone you like as long as they are strong enough to lift you
  • Start by hopping onto their back in the piggyback position
  • Swivel round so you’re on the front of their body, legs wrapped around their waist
  • Here’s where it gets harder, your partner needs to pull you up and over their shoulders head first
  • Slide slowly down their back (you’ll be upside down) wrapping your hands around their waist to hold on
  • Slide further down, wrapping your legs around their body too (make sure they’re holding onto you at all times)
  • You will now be on their back, upside down holding on
  • When you’re low enough, remove one hand from their body and put it through their legs and up
  • They will grab your hand
  • Do the same with the other hand
  • They will pull you up until you’re high enough up the front of their body to do the same with your feet
  • Now you should be back on their front where you started

Quarantine Update: my parents are arguing bcmy mom wants to try the Koala Bear challenge for TikTok, but my dad doesn’t want to break her neck

The Koala Challenge goes viral

The Koala Challenge has been one of the biggest TikTok trends of 2020. The hashtag #koalachallenge has a huge 265 million views, and it’s continuing to be popular months after it started.

Now it’s your turn to give it a go!


This was literaly our first try🤸🏻‍♀️💜 #koalachallenge @minhdynasty

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