As I am sure you know, the 2020 USA elections are coming closer, with President Trump and his supporters convinced he will be re-elected. To ensure it, African American rapper Bryson Gray launched the #MagaChallenge back in September 2019.

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28-year-old Bryson Gray, who has opened for big names in the US rap industry such as 50cent and 2chainz, likes to call himself ‘The Professional Liberal Tear Maker’ and is the one that started the rap challenge in support of Trump: the #Magachallenge

He tweeted a video of himself rapping his new song “Trump Is Your President” and quickly went viral. The video now has more than 27,000 likes and almost 11,000 retweets.

President Trump did no take long to respond; endorsing the rap challenge by announcing that the winner would visit The White House and perform the track for him live.

Who is Bryson Gray?

Bryson Gray is an African-American rapper from Greensboro, North Carolina. Even though his grandma was actually a Black Panther, he is a hard-core Trump supporter. Or as he likes to call himself, a right-wing nut.

Gray’s rap is all about his love for Trump and his administration, and how he cannot stand “liberals”.

Fun(?) fact: Gray did not even vote for Trump in the 2016 elections, but once Trump won, Gray turned into a full-on Trump supporter whose only goal is to get the man re-elected in November.

When asked by a CNN reporter what his favourite Trump policies were, the rapper responded: “The prison reform policy which led to thousands of people out of jail, of which 90% were black”.

“It all started with the hat” Gray told CNN in an interview. He’s talking about the giant MAGA foam hat he wears proudly and regularly.

The rapper explained: “I am going to wear the biggest one (in reference to MAGA hats) to show people I have the first amendment right to express myself how I want”

How did it all start?

A TV camera actually captured Bryson Gray wearing the hat at a Trump rally in Fayeteville, North Carolina. Suddenly, Gray had gained 20,000 followers on Twitter. This is how, a few weeks later, his rap song honouring the president went viral and received very positive feedback across Twitter.

As the challenge grew bigger, fellow Trump supporters uploaded their own songs praising the President, in hopes of winning the challenge and getting to meet Trump.

After establishing his name, Gray actually released an album in July 2020 called “Maga Szn” which of course, features various tracks about Trump like: “Make Families Great Again” and “Maga Steppin'”.

What do you guys think of the #MagaChallenge? Will you be checking out Bryson Gray’s new abum?

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