TikTok is always full of the latest trends and sketches to provide us with some well-needed laughs.

Lockdown has only increased the amount of videos which are being uploaded and with that means more hilarious content which is always way too relatable.

The latest trend is impersonating a WASP mom, and users have flocked to the app to create the most relatable videos from the point of view of a WASP mom coping during lockdown.

But what is a WASP mom? you may ask and no, it is not some type of insect. Find out here what a WASP mom is and why on earth people are finding these videos too damn funny.

What is a WASP Mom?

According to Urban Dictionary WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. The word WASP often refers to affluent people living in the New England area, and is used mostly to poke fun of those who fall under the WASP definition.

The TikToks show WASP moms to be slightly over the top, with a certain tone of voice, a noticeable laugh, and exaggerated facial expressions. And the videos are always executed with a glass of wine in hand, to capture the perfect impression of a middle-aged white mom.

Where did the WASP mom videos come from?

The most viewed WASP mom TikTok videos are by @itscaitlinhello who has impersonated a WASP mom ordering a pizza, Facetiming a friend, and struggling during lockdown.

The videos are met with comments such as ‘this is spot on, like so spot on I’m actually terrified’ and ‘this is convincing to the point that it makes me uncomfortable… well done’, so it appears many people either have a WASP mom themselves, or know one.

Other WASP mom videos include cookie baking, complaining at a restaurant and ordering flowers for mother’s day.

The WASP mom videos continue

@itscaitlinhello doesn’t post that many WASP mom videos anymore, so when she does it’s a real treat.

On August 19th, she just posted a new one, and it doesn’t disappoint. The video is called ‘WASP mom goes to the nail salon’.

Watch it below!

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