If you need another TikTok challenge to try, then we’ve got just the one for you. Have a go at the Hanger Challenge – it’s not as hard as it looks!

Do you ever scroll through TikTok and wonder who exactly came up with some of these bizarre challenges? The social media app is full of some very strange things, and this challenge is one of them.

There’s a popular new challenge going round called the Hanger Challenge, and it looks absolutely impossible – here’s exactly what it entails.

What is the TikTok Hanger Challenge?

A challenge is going viral on TikTok that involves trying to fit a hanger over your body. Sounds impossible right? Well people are actually doing it!

And some people go even further, and put their arms through the hanger before bringing it down their bodies.

The hashtag #HangerChallenge has had over 5 million views on the app so far, and many users are trying to complete the challenge.

How do people do the Hanger Challenge?

You’re probably looking at the videos wondering how people do the Hanger Challenge – the hanger is so tiny!

But it all depends on what kind of hanger you’re using. If you look at the videos closely, you’ll notice that they’re all using a similar sort of hanger that’s made of thin plastic. The plastic is very lightweight and bendy, so the hanger can stretch around the person’s head and body.

If you tried to attempt this with a more rigid wooden or metal hanger, it simply wouldn’t work at all.


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Be careful, the challenge can be dangerous

It’s important to note that whilst it’s supposed to just be a bit of fun, the TikTok Hanger challenge could get a little dangerous. We don’t want any hangers getting stuck round necks!

Just because something is a social media challenge, doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe, and caution should always be taken before attempting something like this.

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