November’s presidential election is coming around fast, and Biden and Trump are coming up with new ways to gain supporters.

It’s crunch time, and the race is on to choose America’s next president. Joe Biden has just appointed his running mate and potential vice-president Kamala Harris, and they’re doing everything they can to get the people of America to vote for them.

Recently, they’ve been urging supporters to text ‘VOTE’ to 30330, in a bid to get more voters. But what does texting that number actually do?

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Joe Biden is telling people to text 30330

Joe Biden and his newly selected vice-president and running mate Kamala Harris are using Twitter as an important platform to gain supporters in the lead up to November’s presidential election.

If you follow them both, then you may have noticed that they often post tweets telling people to text random words to a specific number.

The word is ‘VOTE’ and you must send that word to 30330. Other Democratic supporters like Michelle Obama have been urging social media users to do it too – but what actually happens when you text ‘VOTE’ to 30330?

What happens when yoy text VOTE to 30330

Texting ‘VOTE’ to 30330 is a way of preparing everybody for the upcoming presidential election. It will sign you up to receive important text messages about the campaign, such as voting deadlines, so that you are fully informed and ready to vote in your community in November.

If you text ‘VOTE’ to 30330, you will get a reply saying: “Time to get ready to vote for Joe and Kamala! Reply with your ZIP to get started.”

After you give your ZIP code, it will then take you through the registration process. Texts are free, and you will continue receiving automatic messages unless you opt-out.

Watch Joe Biden’s hilarious fail

The number has actually been used as part of Biden’s presidential campaign since last year, but texting the number had a slightly different outcome. If you texted 30330 last year, it would ask you to contribute $3 to Joe Biden’s campaign.

When the 30330 number first came about, Biden made a speech encouraging people to donate, however he actually made a hilarious fail that went viral online.

He was supposed to say “text 30330”, but what he actually said was “go to Joe 30330”. He then addressed the mistake on CBS News, saying: “Instead of saying ‘Joe’, I would have said ‘text’. I was so focused on making the case for Joe, I said ‘Joe’ and I gave the number. It was text.”

Watch the hilarious blunder below!

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