This week in GTA Online, playing Trap Door mode nets players an incredible 3x bonus to their RP and GTA$. As such, now is the perfect time to try out this game mode and earn wonderful rewards.

Introduced in 2018, the anniversary Trap Door mode functions a lot like a standard deathmatch, except that there are no points for killing opponents.

Instead, players who are killed will respawn in the deadly Red Zone, and have mere seconds to escape before being dropped into the sea and eliminated – hence the reason why this mode is called Trap Door.


How to play Trap Door mode in GTA Online

To start a match as host in Trap Door mode, bring up your GTA Online in-game phone, then select Jobs, Play Job, Adversary Mode, Trap Door. Other players will then be able to join your game.

Alternatively, to play a game without hosting, pause GTA Online, then select Online, Jobs, Rockstar Created, Adversary Mode, Trap Door. You’ll then be able to play a game without having to host.

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Once playing the game, you’ll need to move quickly to avoid getting trapped in the dangerous Red Zone.


How to earn 3x RP and GTA$ in Trap Door

If you want the boosted rewards for playing Trap Door in GTA Online, you’re going to need to play well.

The goal in Trap Door is not to kill the most players, but rather to stay alive at all costs. Killing someone doesn’t earn you any points; it simply makes it more difficult for them to survive the Red Zone and avoid being eliminated.

It’s up to you whether you play offensively or defensively. So long as you’re avoiding the Red Zone and you don’t let anyone else kill you, you’ll soon be able to earn delicious extra rewards.

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