Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 10 of Fortnite requires the player to dance for ten seconds on the Apres Ski dance floor, which is a simple enough challenge – if you know where to find its location.

A simple dance at Apres Ski is worth 35,000 EXP, so it’s a mission that’s well worth attempting. That said, dancing for ten seconds in Fortnite isn’t always easy in such a popular hotspot.

Even if you do manage to find the dance floor itself, with everyone swarming to complete this simple mission, it might be hard to avoid getting killed.

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Where is Apres Ski in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, Apres Ski is located right at the bottom of the map, in the South, between Misty Meadows and Rickety Rig.

This has been a popular spot for Fortnite missions lately – the secret Astro-Not mission also involved exploring this area. Indeed, it might be Epic’s plan to get players to stumble across the secret mission while heading for the Apres Ski dance floor.

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Of course, actually finding where to go to get to Apres Ski is only half the battle – in Fortnite, your greatest obstacle is always other players.

How to dance on the Apres Ski dance floor

When you arrive at the Fortnite Apres Ski dance floor, if the floor is lit up, it means you’ll be able to dance in order to complete this mission.

The problem is that every other player in the game will also be trying to achieve this goal. Not only will the dance floor be crowded, but opportunistic players will be waiting, ready to attack anyone who’s trying to commit to a lengthy dance.

If you’re struggling to stay alive long enough to complete the ten second dance, you might want to consider holding off on this mission until late in a Battle Royale session. As the number of players drop, the Apres Ski dance floor will become less crowded, and it may be easier to complete this Fortnite challenge.