She appeared during the DNC on Wednesday and Elizabeth Warren has left many people impressed with her clever DBFH and BLM tributes.

The senator made sure her speech would really hammer home key issues with a series of Easter Eggs subtly dropped into the background.

Elizabeth addressed America from the Early Childhood Education Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.

While speaking about the “fight to get Joe [Biden] and Kamala [Harris]” elected she used a few visual aids to help get points across.

What does DBFH mean? And how did it appear in her DNC speech?

  • Elizabeth Warren used DBFH a campaign slogan. It stands for Dream Big, Fight Hard.

Keeping things subtle, Elizabeth included the letters in the background of her speech.

The four bright green blocks could be clearly seen on a shelf behind the senator as she sat in a red rocking chair.

Lots of people were impressed with Elizabeth’s staging efforts, with one person calling her an “absolute legend” on Twitter.

What was her BLM tribute and did Elizabeth Warren make any others in her speech?

Another major tribute spotted in the speech was a reference to Black Lives Matter.

Elizabeth prominently placed three colourful blocks spelling out BLM on the shelves behind her.

As well as this, she also included a US Mail shirt to promote the message of protecting the Postal Service, reports CNN.

While another reference was to the date of the upcoming election – which will be on November 3, or 11.3.20.

During the speech Elizabeth spoke about the coronavirus crisis “being on Donald Trump and the Republicans who enabled him”. She told viewers “on Nov. 3, we hold them all accountable.”

Elizabeth also paid tribute to her “Aunt Bea” who moved to Texas “with seven suitcases and stayed for years” to help her with childcare.

Who else appeared on the third night of the DNC?

Wednesday was a big night for the Democratic conference.

It boasted musical performances from Jennifer Hudson, Billie Eilish and Prince Royce.

Jennifer Hudson during DNC / Joe Biden YouTube

Prince Royce told Billboard: “We need the kind of leader that represents our country’s values and is able to properly deal with the pandemic that has been disproportionately affecting our country.”

As well as this, several politicians including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made speeches in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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