Twitch streamer Pokimane posted an apology video on August 18th addressing several controversies she has come under fire for recently.

The video, which has over one million views, touches on multiple issues fans have been asking her to speak on.

On August 5th, Pokimane announced she would be taking a break from producing content, but she came back in order to upload the apology video.

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Pokimane addresses the BowBlox drama

Pokimane uploaded a video titled “My overdue apology” on August 18th 2020, and it has gathered over one million views already.

The video begins with her addressing an “incident” between her and KeemStar in 2018. YouTuber BowBlox took screenshots of the argument and made them into a video on YouTube. Pokimane said:

“At the time my MCN said that because they were screenshots of my tweets, I could have the video taken down and KeemStar had deleted his tweets. I didn’t want the drama to snowball into something more and I honetly regreeted even starting an argument in the first place so I agreed and the video was taken down.”

“This was my mistake because at the time I didn’t consider the fairness of leaving that video up, as well as not properly understanding the fair use defence when it comes to transformative content.”

She said: “My apology at the time was not very good, or it was not good enough so I just want to reiterate I am sorry for taking down that video.”

Twitch streamer apologises for It’saGundam feud

Pokimane also apologised for her comments on It’saGundam’s video, and explained that he was talking badly about her fans. Pokimane said: “He had a very real photo of me and a fan at a meet and greet, and he was making fun of him and the way he looked.”

Pokimane said: “I must admit I reacted really poorly.” She continued: “I want to sincerely apologise to both It’saGundam and to the sponsor of that video for the remarks and the comments that I made.”

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Pokimane apologises for using a racial slur

Pokimane also addressed the video in which she can be seen using the N word. “I believe the tweet is from about five year ago and clip is from about seven years ago.”

She said:

“Although I never said it with ill intent or racial context or the hard r I still want to make it clear that I don’t condone the use of that language, and I don’t want my deletion of these things or my silence now to make it seem otherwise.”

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