The Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s cast are involved in a whole lot of drama after the death of Grandson Andre Montgomery – but who is Terica Ellis?

Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s is a popular American reality show that ran for seven years, following the story of a family and their chain of restaurants. But after Miss Robbie’s grandson, Andre was murdered in 2016, things have never been the same.

In a recent update, it’s actually someone from within the family who has been arrested in connection with his murder, and someone called Terica Ellis is involved too.

General View of “Welcome To Sweetie Pies” New Season Celebration With An Exclusive Preview Event at Taboo 2 Bistro and Bar on November 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s?

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is an American reality television series starring the family of Robbie Montgomery, who was one of the original Ikettes in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in the 1960s, and also a backing singer for Stevie Wonder and Barbra Streisand.

After her singing career ended, Robbie Montgomery, who is better known as Miss Robbie, created Sweetie Pie’s, an iconic St. Louis soul-food restaurant that now has multiple locations.

The series, which started in 2011 and ended in 2018, follows Miss Robbie and her family running the collection of restaurants.

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Andre Montogmery was murdered in 2016

Miss Robbie’s grandson, Andre Montgomery was murdered in a shooting in 2016.

In the latest update, Miss Robbie’s son James Timothy Norman has been arrested on federal charges in relation to Andre’s death, allegedly involved in conspiring to kill his own nephew.

According to The Metro, he took out multiple life insurance policies on Andre amounting to $450,000 and listed himself as the sole beneficiary. Then, the following year he tried to get a replacement policy for a further $249,999 but was denied.

Who is Terica Ellis?

Norman allegedly worked with a woman called Terica Ellis in conspiring to murder Andre Montgomery.

Terica Ellis is an exotic dancer, and the pair allegedly communicated on burner phones on the days leading up to Andre’s death.

The pair both appeared to have flown to St Louis on the day before Andre’s death and over the next three days, she deposited $9,000 in cash into multiple accounts.